Sunday, October 24, 2010

Guest Post - Abondigas and a Scary Rich Link

Howdy, everyone.  Jim and I haven't made anything really interesting lately (Trader Joe's made a few interesting things for us), but I've read about some interesting things I want to make.  First, a link to a scarily rich pie called Banofee Danger Pie , which is evidently very popular in Brit and Brit-derived countries other than the US.

The recipe says to boil unopened cans of condensed milk, which is weird and frightening, but the promise is instant toffee sauce.  So if you try it and don't end up in the hospital, let me know--I love hearing about other people's experiences before risking my own life!

Now for the recipe.  Brought to us by Kathy Shafer, who is one of the most creative women I know.  She gardens, she cooks, she crafts, she's musically gifted. . .and recently told everyone on Facebook she was making Abondigas, which I had never heard of.  It's a meatball soup.  Judging by the comments of those who have eaten it, it is at least as well-liked as Banofee Danger Pie, without boiling cans of milk.  She recommends varying the amounts based on the likes of your family, so play with the ratios of veggies to meat to seasoning as you like.  Here is the recipe she gave me, which I hope to try very soon:

1 Soup pot

1 onion (diced, or sliced)
3 fresh garlic cloves
1 bag of carrots
4 branches of fresh cilantro (or whatever one desires)
Bullion squares (Kosher in the International section of store)
Follow instructions on packaging.
Wash and prepare your veggies and place into pot with prepared bullion squares.

1 lb ground (beef, chicken or turkey)
1 egg for each lb of meat
1 cup of uncooked rice for each lb of meat. (I use white long grain)
Season with salt (I use kosher sea salt)
Black pepper
Now take all these ingredients and knead them together in a large mixing bowl. Mix well. Then make your meatballs.
Carefully place the meatballs on top of veggies and prepared bullion broth. Add water and seasoning if needing more. Cover.
Bring to a roaring bowl and skim the top of water to remove fat and egg deposits. Reduce hit to medium high heat. After carrots are soft, serve hot. We us lemon wedges to cut the excess fat in the soup. Optional: fresh corn tortillas warmed up and rolled in hand as a substitute for bread or biscuits.

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