Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Calming Rose Tea

I woke up this morning with the virtual palpitations--my term for the feeling I sometimes get when my mind shoots around at a mile-a-minute. Sometimes it's fun--I feel exhilirated and energized. Today, when I want to focus, it's hard. Since it usually comes after I have too much caffeine, or eat something weird, I know it will only last about a day or so. But how to function until it gets better?

Fortunately, I'm a master herbalist, which in practice means I can forage through my cupboards better than most people for medicinal foods. Today I found my decaffeinated green tea (which helps the digestive side of things) and my food-grade rose petals (which are calming and soothing). I put a couple of rosebuds into a teaspoon of tea, and made a cuppa.

It's only been 5 mintues, but I can already feel myself calming down. If you're having unwelcome exhiliration, try a cup today!

Photo by BenDad

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